5 Nonprofit Websites you Need to Copy Right Now

If you’ve ever been stuck on how to design your nonprofit’s website, you know how it feels to be totally uninspired. It’s almost like your brain just stops functioning whenever you want to work, right? Well, I’m here to help you. These 5 nonprofit websites you need to copy will inspire you again!

1. Case Foundation

Here is a picture of 5 nonprofit websites you need to copy
The Case Foundation Website

Case Foundation is a nonprofit that invests in individuals, nonprofits, and social enterprises aiming to connect people, increase giving, and catalyze social action. Their website is great, and accurately reflects their mission. Right when you look at the page, they tell you in big white letters what they do. It tells visitors whether or not the nonprofit is what they’re looking for. 

Once you scroll down, they tell you in more detail who they are and what they do. This is where visitors who have an interest in the nonprofit end up, and they get more information about the nonprofit. Next, they have their blog posts. These help to give credibility to the nonprofit. By writing about the problems their potential supporters or interested individuals have, they build trust with them.

2. Conservation.org

Conservation is a nonprofit dedicated to, you guessed it, conserving the Earth. You can easily tell this just by taking a look at their website. They have all sorts of nature images and nature-themed things scattered around their website, which tells you that they work with nature in some way.

If you’re a visitor to their site interested in donating to help conserve the Earth, it wouldn’t be too hard to find out how. In their header, they have 2 buttons, a subscribe button and a donate button. Both of these are colored and highlighted against the white background to draw the visitor’s attention to it. 

Here is a picture of 5 nonprofit websites you need to copy
The Conservation website

3. David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to saving endangered animals. Their website is a great reflection of their mission statement. For example, take a look at the landing page. There are tons of animal pictures and animal art. Just by looking at this, you know that they have something to do with animals. The text they have on top of each of the images on the websites is specifically chosen to catch the viewer’s eye. Notice how it’s in bold, a big font size, and contrasting to the image. Contrast is what draws the viewer’s attention to the text and makes their mission statement clear.

The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

4. Plant Chicago

Plant Chicago is a nonprofit dedicated to making efficient methods of food production, energy conservation, and material reuse. When you first go to their website, you may notice the distinct lack of color. I think this a brilliant design decision on their part. A lack of color will naturally make the visitor’s eyes wander to places that have more of it. Their stamp, which they placed cleverly in the bottom left corner will get the visitor’s attention. They will want to scroll down to see more of it, and by doing so, they see their mission statement and their upcoming events. They used color brilliantly to get the visitor to look at more of their page.

Here is a picture of 5 nonprofit websites you need to copy
The Plant Chicago website

5. Life in my Shoes

 Life in my Shoes is a nonprofit dedicated to preventing suicide by removing stigmas about other people, and their website reflects that really well. Every section on their website is well thought out and has a picture to convey the main message of the section. This is an excellent design choice on their part, because pictures will always convey the same message faster than words. Each section is also highlighted with its unique style and colors, which helps to capture the viewer’s attention all the way to the end. The unique font they use helps to give off the vibe that they’re out there to help the youth who may be most in need of their services. This website’s ingenious design alone makes it on the nonprofit websites you need to copy list.

Here is a picture of 5 nonprofit websites you need to copy
The Life in My Shoes website

Now that you’ve seen some nonprofit websites you need to copy, how has this inspired you? If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to leave a comment or contact me. Also, be sure to subscribe to my mailing list to get updated whenever I post something new. Thank you so much for reading!

Ethan from The Lonely Coder

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